Tricks to get jobs on LinkedIn Easily & LinkedIn learning

Tricks to get jobs on LinkedIn Easily & LinkedIn learning

Are you unable to find LinkedIn job search and searching for 

How to get jobs on LinkedIn?

Well, we have also explained eight points that would surely help you to find Job on LinkedIn.

What recruiter looks for in LinkedIn profile?
How to improve job search results on LinkedIn?
How to get gigs on LinkedIn?

all the point explained is a process of LinkedIn learning. 


 Use LinkedIn (Linkedin Learning)

Why LinkedIn for jobs?

There are a few ways to use the LinkedIn platform to enhance your job search outcomes, but the most basic one is actually to use it. There will be some who will argue that this is the best way to do it. and some would say 

Without completing their LinkedIn profile, there are absolutely no opportunities available on LinkedIn, which is why I’m not too fond of it.

People don’t understand the power of LinkedIn, so it’s better to log in and start learning linkedIn if you’re already experienced start posting jobs on LinkedIn because in the end you have to go where the recruiters are in an overwhelming majority of recruiters are utilizing the LinkedIn platform to source and find candidates so if you’re not where the recruiters are you’re going to get passed over if you’re not where the recruiters are.

look for somebody that’s not actively looking for a job you don’t have any interest in networking you don’t have interest in being approached for different career opportunities that might represent an upgrade from where you are today then sure, stay on the LinkedIn platform I totally knew there are also bad quality employers out there who are making it difficult by offering low-quality work but make sure 

To leave no stone unturned” 


LinkedIn profile (Linkedin Learning)

There are some simple things that you can do there to start making multiple profiles on LinkedIn and make sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile whenever I used to visit first any LinkedIn profile for recruiting purposes

Things to avoid on a LinkedIn profile?

That’s very basic to complete your profile also a LinkedIn learning so few people put anything of relevance in their LinkedIn profile that when recruiters see a profile that’s optimized it’s pretty refreshing and I’ll say this an incomplete profile makes it much harder to find you because LinkedIn Algorithm and the back end of LinkedIn where recruiters make Accounts Like we as a recruiter have a version of LinkedIn for a recruiter that we use that’s not on the front end that you might see it’s called the LinkedIn recruiter

How to improve job search results on LinkedIn?

Candidates on LinkedIn recruiter search for keywords and mostly type the skill name as a keyword in the search parameter to try to discover the Candidate so if there’s nothing on your profile you’re going to be basically, invisible because that’s how LinkedIn algorithm Work and the likelihood of you popping up in our search results when you’ve never provided the keyword, to begin with, is going to be very slim but with LinkedIn learning with time you would get job on LinkedIn. 


Necessary Things for Linkedin Profile (Linkedin Learning)

So, if you’re an active jobs maker we recommend that you take some time to complete your LinkedIn profile and at least put the basics in there because trust me when you log into the search function on LinkedIn Jobs

you would see the number of people who have applied for the job that you’re about to apply for it can be pretty Dominating and pretty overwhelming but nothing to worry about not everybody has that LinkedIn learning because you’re competing with that many other people and knowing how to leverage When you use LinkedIn properly, it’s like having an instant queue at the front of a popular nightclub because you know the bouncer.



Add a LinkedIn banner (Linkedin Learning)

How to add a banner on LinkedIn?
Points to build LinkedIn Profile?

Add a banner to your LinkedIn profile and make sure that we are not talking about the little circle that says I’m looking for a job

Guiding about the actual Banner that goes behind your profile think of it as your little billboard that you want to put up there that’s going to Brand you as an expert and what it is that you specialize in


Add some graphic there or something that indicates your interest


Tool to create banners?


The tool like Canva, there’s really no excuse for why you shouldn’t have a great looking Banner to put on your LinkedIn profile again you have to think of it as a personal branding statement for your LinkedIn profile so when a recruiter or a hiring manager visits your profile it’s the first thing that they see it’s the first impression that you make a good one.




Add a photo (Linkedin Learning)

How to brand your profile on LinkedIn?

Try to include a picture of yourself in the LinkedIn profile because you have a much higher likelihood of a hiring manager clicking on your profile when there’s an actual picture To mention there’s some Unwrittenthe role that says “

that you’re more trustworthy if people can see your face

now some of you will say well that’s a double-edged sword because you can discriminate against yes, I guess that is true but there is also the opportunity that you could be discriminated.

As a Job Seekers recruiter always looking for the maximum Discovery and the maximum profile views on that platform putting your face to your name absolutely works.



Looking for Job  (Linkedin Learning)


Now the proper setting of a LinkedIn profile is necessary but the third point is that there is a banner that you can put around your actual profile the picture that says that you’re available for work and inevitably the question comes up should I use it or not if I’m actively looking for a job Here’s the thing if you put it on there sure you might get more people to click on your profile and look at it however it’s probably not going to affect your job search all that much because recruiters can see the statuses that you set on the back end probably better off going in your profile settings and indicating that you’re open to work.





Respond to Recruiters (LinkedIn Learning)

How to respond to a recruiter?

If not interested do we have to respond to the recruiter?

Responding back to recruiters who request you even if you’re not interested in the role because it puts you into a different bucket of people who are more likely to respond.

So we as recruiters won’t even see that Banner on the back end so In that regard it really won’t affect you that much not to mention if you’ve got all the stuff that I need and you’re actively working it doesn’t stop the recruiter from asking you to say.

  • hey I’ve got a job?
  • you’ve got a great profile for the job.
  • I’ve got would you be interested?

so better or not recruiter is reaching




Not use Easy Apply (LinkedIn Learning)


is it beneficial to use Easy Apply on LinkedIn?

Why not use an easy Apply on LinkedIn?

So avoid the easy apply option because it does not have so many advantages or disadvantages posting LinkedIn job in a minute if you search for jobs you probably come across a button that says Easy apply it’s basically a one-step click that you can apply to jobs using a pre-loaded resume.

The reason why LinkedIn does it is it allows employers to collect more resumes because when it’s easier to apply more people apply to those jobs but usually what happens is it’s a very lazy Mouse click people just say they apply to it they shoot it off and then they move on to their day so if you’re the type that sprays and prays can be very easy to rack up the total number of applications that you’ve got out there and usually.

The only thing that’s good is getting rejection letters because nowadays recruiters think that most people who use Easy Apply are nonserious because of their experience. That is the result of the Survey which I held in many organizations.

So, I wouldn’t recommend that you not use the easy-apply button and go for resume customization by yourself.



How to apply early on LinkedIn?

There is one thing that I want to point out about job postings on LinkedIn when a recruiter places a new job on LinkedIn it’s a fresh job it’s best earliest candidates to apply as possible there’s going to be a higher likelihood of you getting your resume seen and getting into the interview process as an early applicant because we want to have every advantage that we can as Job Seekers

I would certainly be opening LinkedIn Nifty alert settings because you can set up alerts for different job types and keywords and as they pop up onto your feed you can be one of the earliest to apply again avoid that easy apply button but it could give you a leg up on the competition and be one of the early applicants if you haven’t done so already set up a few alerts so you can supercharge your job search.




Stop Scrolling (Linkedin Learning)

Stop Scrolling on LinkedIn.

That is the final tip I am going to talk about in today’s video stop lurking if you’re the type of person that only Scrolls LinkedIn never engages in any content or never puts any of your own content out there, you missing a massive opportunity of Job.

because again you have to think of LinkedIn as your personal career billboard every piece of content that you put out there or that you engage in has an opportunity to push your name out to a much broader audience potentially thousands of people could see your name and the thing is that.

you never know when the right person might see it and tap you on the shoulder for a job opportunity


and trust me this works.


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