6 artificial intelligence & robotics courses

6 artificial intelligence & robotics courses


  1. Deep Learning Specialization.
  2. AI for Business Leaders Executive program.
  3. Supervised Machine Learning Regression and Classification.
  4. Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence.
  5. Machine learning for Trading Specialization.
  6. Artificial intelligence for trading.



    The reason to provide the best online artificial intelligence courses is first people are getting interested in it by using artificial intelligence chatbots and get amazed by artificial intelligence got their interest in artificial intelligence and start using it which causes an increase in demand for artificial intelligence in a short time and but a skilled worker of artificial is very less and due to shortage most skilled worker of artificial intelligence is getting paid highest money and artificial intelligence & robotics is so much versatile and young field so it’s here to stay for long-term and every day something new is getting introduced in artificial intelligence & robotics which create a large number of opportunities people who are here to learn artificial intelligence and want to jump in it.


    Artificial intelligence courses online

    We have gone through multiple courses for artificial intelligence & robotics and found six best artificial intelligence courses some courses are for beginners and some of them are for professionals or intermediate.

    Deep Learning Specialization


    So the first course is deep learning specialization and it is on one of the most trending websites whenever talk about any course which is COURSERA.

    • Shareable on Linked In.
    • The certificate also has worth for artificial intelligence & robotics jobs for the resume.


    (people who know the basics of Python like loops).

    • Financial aid is available.
    • the cost varies from time to time.
    Course duration

    Ξ 5 months (regular pace).


    This course is one of the famous courses on Coursera with a

    rating is 4.9 from 129,000 people and about 700,000 people have enrolled until now.

    Course benefit

    This course has changed about 70 Percent of people’s careers and 11 percent have to get projects who have taken the course 30 percent so this means that the artificial intelligence & robotics course is amazing for the people who have joined would give job surety somewhere in that artificial intelligence & robotics and if we talk about teaching level about 30 teachers are there to help you in artificial intelligence & robotics.

    Course Content
    • Neural Networks and Deep Learning.
    • Improving Deep Neural Networks.
    • Structuring Machine Learning Projects.
    • Convolutional Neural Networks.
    • Sequence Models.

    AI for Business Leaders Executive program




    Ξ This is another online artificial intelligence course that is available on the Udacity platform which is also a famous course.

    Ξ $678
    Payment method:

    Learn now pay later is available and Decide months for Fixed payment in parts.


    Ξ Executive Course.

    Course duration

    Ξ 4-8 weeks (5 hours/week).


    I would be clear this artificial intelligence & robotics course is not as popular as Coursera but has had positive feedback until now the rating is

    Ξ 4.6 out of 129 people

    Course content
    • Machine learning knowledge.
    • The Math Behind the Artificial Intelligence.
    • Architectures of AI Systems.
    • Working with Data.
    • Accuracy, Bias, and Ethics of Working.
    • Gathering Feedback.
    • Thinking Bigger.
    • CAPSTONE PROJECT – Deliver a Machine Learning / AI Strategy.

    It’s a kind of engineering machine learning.

    Course benefit

    In this artificial intelligence & machine learning course.

    • You would be given real-time support means instant help.
    • Big upgrade in Resume and a huge effect on the job.
    • Flexible timing of the program regarding your routine.
    • Shareable on LinkedIn and other platforms.
    • Increase resume profile.

    Supervised Machine Learning Regression and Classification




    It’s a great machine learning course that is on a popular platform course provided by top leading Stanford which itself is a boost in your resume and would definitely get you somewhere.


    Ξ Shareable Certificate.


    So first Stanford’s name is a large amount of reason for its popularity and then course era now talks about the course about

    Ξ 4.9 rating out of 2000 people which is best.



    Course benefit
    • 100% online.
    • Adjustable deadlines.
    • Professor teaching is quite famous and top instructors from Stanford is backing up the student.
    Course duration

    Ξ 3 weeks (33 hours to complete).

    Course content
    • Introduction to Machine Learning.
    • Regression with multiple input variables.
    • Classification.

    Ξ Financial aid is available.

    Cost Depends upon enrollment time.

    Computer Science for artificial intelligence




    This artificial intelligence course is available on the edX platform most people are not familiar with it but it is a joint venture of Harvard and MIT so it is quite popular with those who know.




    Ξ $403 USD.


    Professional Harvard X’s Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate

    The average pay is 125,000 Per year in 2022.

    Course duration

    Ξ 5 months (7 to 22 hours per week).

    Course content
    • Vast and detailed computer science and programming knowledge.
    • Graph search algorithms.
    • Evolution learning.
    • Machine learning.
    • Artificial intelligence principles.
    • How to design AI systems.
    • How to use artificial intelligence in Python programs.
    Payment method

    Ξ Multiple flexible payment methods.

    Course Benefits
    • Combination of two courses.
    • Career support.
    • Flexible time.
    • Learning on Cs 50 Harvard legendary course.

    So teaching is done best by professionals from Harvard and MIT University.

    Machine learning for Trading Specialization


    courses for traders?
    courser for investment analyst?

    The artificial intelligence & robotics course is developed to help in trading and using artificial intelligence in financial markets like stocks.

    This course is provided by the New York Institute and the Google Cloud of Finance which are very big names.




    Ξ Shareable certificate.

    Boost your resume profile for sure.


    Ξ Financial Aid available

    Cost varies at enrollment time

    Course content
    • Overview of Trading, Machine Learning & GCP.
    • How to use Machine Learning for Trading and Finance.
    • Increase Learning in Trading Strategies.
    Course benefit
    • Available in different languages.
    • Flexible scheduling.
    • Collection of 3 courses.
    • Teachers are from Google Cloud and the New York Institute of Finance.
    Course duration

    Ξ 3-month completion (4 hours per week).

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    Artificial intelligence for trading


    Artificial intelligence nano degree programs?


                The last course is for artificial intelligence & robotics and is from Udacity majority is for traders who want to use artificial intelligence & robotics in their trading and it’s a nano degree program.

    Course Benefits
    • Nano degree.
    • High paying job for sure.
    • Career service.
    • Flexible scheduling.
    • Real-time support.


    Course duration

    Ξ 6 months (10hrs/week).


    Ξ $399 per month (Would be costly because it’s a nano degree)

    Course content
    • Quantitative Trading Introduction.
    • Advancement in Quantitative Trading.
    • Indices, Stocks, and ETFs.
    • The factor of Investing and Alpha analysis.
    • Opinion Analysis and Natural Language Processing.
    • Deep Learning-Based Advanced Processing of Natural Language.
    • Merging different Factors.
    • Mimic of Trades with Past Data.

    Ξ Nano degree


    So best courses in artificial intelligence & robotics are mentioned some of them are for intermediate some are for beginners and every artificial intelligence & robotics course has a different baseline and different scope but every course that has been listed must have a greater impact on your resume and that would help you find new projects for sure

    You can now make or easily understand how artificial intelligence chatbots or artificial intelligence draw or movies with artificial intelligence are working.

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