10 best Investment plans for stability

10 best Investment plans for stability


Most people in the world have money but don’t know where to start, what is good for investment, and how to invest for stability. So investment we would give you the 10 best investment plans for stability.

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1. How to Create a Financial Backup Plan


So the first rule is simple to have a financial backup plan because means investment in properties of other countries

because you never know when your home country maybe you’re in a safe or high-tax country right now that you trust maybe you’re in the US and you think U.S banks will never fail and that the government will always protect you just in case it gets bad enough have another place another bank another company somewhere else in the world to shift all your assets right away yes we all are patriot never think of leaving our country and it’s a hard step So try to learn basic from this rule like if you have one car and you are a Cab driver so you must have two so that if something bad happens because you are on the road insurance company sometimes take long intervals so you can use that car you can also keep that car for daily driving but always have a backup in major places.


For Example

If you have an LLC or you have a company in Canada or UK, Australia wherever Basic is doing all your business through that company you never know when you might get sued or when taxes increase, or when regulations start to become unbearable you always have another option you should have a company in Dubai you have a residence permit in some another country that you can then take all of those assets all that company and transfer it to the other company in the other country away from the jurisdiction that you’re currently to save all your assets.


2. Stay Humble no matter how much money you have or do not have.

The rule for investment is staying humble if you make millions of hundreds of millions no matter what you do where you live what is good for investment is to stay humble it will help a lot to stay humble in the sense of not thinking that a specific country is too poor for you or too whatever for you.

because money talk and wealth whisper by itself.

For Example

Most people say oh! Dubai it’s too Muslim it’s too artificial I don’t want any of that or some countries that I recommend that are a little bit less developed but they meet the requirements that they want out of their lifestyle they say ah that country is too poor I’ for investment too good for that place or I’m excessively great for that City never have this attitude while investing when picking a country to move to because you might be pleasantly surprised like from my experience I’ve been to some places that I thought were unappetizing but that was the places I truly enjoyed So what is good for investment is to be humble while doing any investment and open mind being humble and appreciating every experience that happens.

3. Be Careful Whom You Take Advice From


who not to take advice from?

The third rule is not to always take advice from people who make less money than you or more money than you make sure you become a leader So avoiding people who don’t have experience with clients of your caliber does not work.

For Example

if somebody tells you to go and move to Mexico because in Mexico there’s more freedom and

you’re going to enjoy life more and you think okay let me take my 10 million dollars and move them to Mexico put them in a Mexican bank account go ahead and live in Mexico I’m not going to pay taxes in Mexico because that guy told me that I don’t need to pay taxes and thinking I just needed to invest okay now you’re in a situation

where you might be feeding information to a company in Mexico the bank knows that you have the 5$ million in the bank they’re feeding that information to the company Mexico has taxed a lot of people they move to Mexico they don’t pay any taxes and they think there’s no need to pay taxes in Mexico it’s tax-free well actually you do and if you make a lot of money they will want you to pay a large amount of taxes for that money not as high as other countries but pay some taxes.


4. Don’t Love Your Country & Don’t Feel Guilty for It

When can you leave country?

Don’t feel guilty for not loving your country this is something that around the globe

People do when they’re moving to a different country for investment and you as a wealthy man if you’re finding a new place that you want to move to perhaps friends or people around you are saying oh why are you leaving the best country on the planet why are you going to leave United States or the Canada or Australia this the best Nation on the planet how it’s possible that you can find more freedom in another country you can feel better in another country that’s going to happen a lot perhaps you want to get yourself new friends perhaps you don’t want to spend that much time with your family whatever decision you take just know.

 Bonus tip:

the best investment on property in a developing nation like India (not criticizing India just giving tips) because their money is still a little bit devalued than the dollar so it’s easy for a person to invest who earns in dollars it’s a developing nation so taxes would be also less because developing nation give the best return on investments.



5. Buy Real Estate Abroad All Over the World


Home bases around the world you must have numerous residence permits all over the globe exactly one in every mainland want to make sure that if you want to move to a certain region of the world or the region of the world that I’ve chosen.

For Example

Middle East in Dubai, if you choose the wrong region, let’s say if in the next seven to eleven years Dubai becomes an unacceptable place to live or the restrictions change or the taxes increase then you would have another place that you can go to and you should always want to have multiple ID’s all over the world it is not to become different persons it’s not to become a person with Distinctive name it’s just to have different options around the world to move to another country for peaceful life.



6. Stay Healthy and Fit, it Helps a Lot

That very important rule before any investment most people neglect who are investing this rule is to focus on health and fitness while you’re traveling the world and while you’re trying to move to different places while you’re working a lot investing a lot growing your wealth you might forget that you need to go to the gym you might forget that you want to keep a healthy diet it’s really good to live in a strong masculine healthy body to perform better to travel better to not get sick as often to over overall enjoy your life a lot better if you’re healthy if you’re fit that’s something that is an extremely high priority in my life,

For Example

keep your food healthy or keeping your nutrition up when you’re traveling and finding new places is something that would help you a lot and I recommend it to every wealthy man whenever a person is fresh that person’s brain would be fresh and would eventually result for the best investment


7. Taxes

How to reduce taxes?
What happens if I do not pay taxes? 


The person investing in any area looks for investment in properties not looking on the country taxes which can damage your return on investment Most people sometimes forget while investing that taxes are a big deal for a lot of countries either pay them and stay in the place where you are or can legally reduce sometimes as we’re running our business or as we’re heading into non-tax Seasons.

For example

The winter Q4 it’s not tax season it’s far away six months away

Don’t need to worry about taxes I can avoid taxes it’s the best for investment I can just put some money in multiple currencies nobody’s going to find it

governments are way smarter than what we think a lot of people have gone to prison for tax evasion and you don’t want to get seize in a court case against government because you decided to not avoid taxes legally.

Things to avoid before investment? 

So things to avoid before investment are

  • Be extremely serious about the taxes.
  • Never cut Corners.
  • Don’t start companies in countries that are blacklisted where you’re going to pay taxes.
  • Never pretend like you’re living in another country like Shakira who’s fronting about 80 years in prison for tax evasion so do it right.

How to reduce taxes legally?

  • Lower your citizenship level.
  • Protect your assets.
  • Take the necessary steps to reduce your taxes to zero or as close to zero as possible by following all the losses.

8. Value Your Privacy

Best investment applications?

Most people show off lifestyles more than they can afford that’s normal it’s human nature and everyone wants to be called rich in the age of social media but value your privacy you never know who is following you on social media and who are keeping a track of you which can be government looking at you

which can be a tax auditor is trying to find where you are in the world keep your privacy have bank accounts in many different countries have different citizenships to keep more of your privacy have residence permits have driving licenses have different IDs all over the globe to safe yourself from somebody that might be putting all your information in a folder (yes it’s like a movie but in life things happen which we are not expecting) and trying to find out what you’re doing all over So for Social media the world best investment application to use before investments are apps like.

  • Telegram
  • Utilise privacy-preserving apps, and appreciate privacy in general.
  • Every app now includes a privacy option that lets you select which users to add or eliminate depending upon if they are friends or solely me.

9. Be Careful with Women, especially with Marriage

Be careful with women whenever you’re getting in a relationship with a woman whether it’s your boyfriend and girlfriend or you’re going and getting married make sure that you take all the necessary steps to protect your love is amazing when you fall in love it’s would be the best feeling in the world but going through a divorce can be pretty destructive SO, that why I advise you to just have a backup plan always make sure that to protect your assets always keep some of your assets outside of the relationship so that the woman doesn’t know where everything is so that the woman can’t potentially take everything and I am not bashing the women’s character telling you because everyone in the world is not the same.


how does divorce affect money?

States all over the planet favor ladies whenever it comes to divorce or court so usually the man is the one that ends up with minus fifty percent minus 75 percent net worth So, be very careful you never know what might happen love is beautiful but it can turn bad at some point.


10. Don’t let social media Affect You

How Social media affect mental health?

The important decision like an investment for a wealthy man is that social media can be destructive live your own life (not saying to leave social media just telling the effect of investment) and don’t let outside influence affect your decisions.

For Example:
how does social media influence your decision?

Some people might be moving to the United States and you’re moving outside of the United States or people are hanging out at a party while you’re working at 2 AM on an office project So don’t let that influence

Some influencers also tell ways to increase income just by telling advances of investment in any app of stock because influencers are getting paid by that app but not you.

How you’re living you might think that they’re having more fun usually those are a very small segment of their life and the rest of their life looks exactly just like yours just they’re showing off an amazing life but in reality, they’re having a large number of struggles so don’t let that influence your life in and try to get motivated from it instead of feeling depressed.

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