Missions Space to Moon – Artemis 2 – Mars after Fifty years- Role of Artemis 1 & Artemis3

Missions Space to Moon – Artemis 2 – Mars after Fifty years- Role of Artemis 1 & Artemis3


For those who believe Humans have never footed on the moon So it is an announcement for them that Missions Space in which humans are Going to land on the moon again after FIFTY YEARS, The names of Four astronauts have been finalized and announced as they are set to depart on the Missions Space Artemis 2 Moon. Now to go to the moon, NASA has chosen one black and one woman among them as promised so that this achievement can be considered the success of all humanity. Not of any color or race. Rather, all genders, all nations, and people of all races should consider it their success, consider it the success of humanity, not a single nation.


Name of Astronauts for Missions Space Artemis 2

  • First Astronauts in these four moon astronauts is Mission Specialist Christina Hammock Koch” She is the longest-lived woman in space That her world record
  • The second Astronaut is Canadian Pilot, he is also a mission specialist “Jeremy Hansen”.
  • The third Astronaut is a black naval aviator and Artemis II pilot “Vector Gulliver”.
  • The fourth Astronaut is “Reid Wiseman”, the mission Space commander of Artemis II. He will lead this entire operation from Artemis 2
PHOTO DATE: March 29, 2023. PHOTOGRAPHER: Josh Valcarcel

Artemis 1 Missions Space to Moon (For context).


Missions Space Artemis 1 Completion Interval?

These four astronauts are the ones going to the moon in the second part of the Missions Space Artemis Two. The First Missions Space Artemis 1 was completed in November to December 2022 year.


What is the reason for mission Space Artemis 1? 

Missions Space Artemis 1 was for the test to check whether the controls and mechanisms of the technology to send humans to the moon were correct. Somewhere it won’t be as doomed as Apollo One or Thirteen. But you have seen that Missions Space Artemis One was successful. In it, the spacecraft “Orion” orbited the moon and successfully landed back in the Pacific Ocean with parachutes unmanned.



Launch System SLS Test

NASA’s new Space Rocket launch system, called the SLS, was also tested in this first experiment, In Missions Space Artemis-1 NO HUMAN were involved in that first phase of Artemis. So now in the second phase, these four astronauts have to go to the moon in the “Orion Peace Craft”.


Missions Space Artemis 2 Astronauts will not land on Moon and Time Interval

Remember that even in Missions Space Artemis 2, these four Astronauts will NOT LAND on the Moon, but will return to the Lunar Orbiter, testing the success of the system by making a large circle around the Moon. It will take them approximately TEN days. If all four astronauts return successfully, all systems are working properly, all these checks are done in the meantime, then the next step will be Missions Space Artemis 3



When would Missions Space Artemis 2 launch?

Missions Space Artemis 2, which has four astronauts’s announced. So Artemis 2 mission will be launched in November 2024 According to Nasa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemis_2#:~:text=Artemis%202%20(officially%20Artemis%20II,(SLS)%20in%20November%202024.


World’s most powerful rocket by NASA & Most powerful Launching System?

Which rocket would be used in mission space Artemis 2?



First is SLS, the Space Launching System. It is more powerful than any space launch system ever built by NASA. Because it provides the most powerful8.8″ million pounds of thrust to escape Earth’s gravity. It gives a bounce of Eighty-Eight Lacs pounds exerting more power than any rocket. The system has two rocket boosters and the largest is the center brown core stage. These are actually “SLS” System fuel tanks. These fuel rockets power the engines below and the rocket lifts off with its full weight.



At the TOP of this is the Orion spacecraft, the Crew Module, which HOUSES NASA’s crew. In that, they will be astronauts who will go up to the Lunar Gateway with the same system. Only those whose pictures you have seen will go into it. NASA has also enlisted the help of the Canadian Space Agency to develop this landmark and advanced “SLS” system.


You can see in the video this “two hundred and twelvefoot long core stage being assembled. For this purpose, “Three hundred sixty special types of strong bolts have been used which are capable of withstanding immense thrust and atmospheric pressure. So, the first base of the Missions Space Artemis is this SLS system. While it’s other.




Main part of Missions Space Artemis 2 Spacecraft:


The key part is the Orion Crew Module, the spacecraft that will house the astronauts. The Orion spacecraft is scheduled to proceed to the Moon after completing two orbits of the Earth to test the system’s success. It will take about four days to reach the moon from Earth. Where it will then reach the Lunar Gateway and connect with it at a later stage.



Connection point between Earth and Moon:



The Lunar Gateway is the third most important part of the Missions Space Artemis, It’s the key part of this mission. Rather, if it is called the most important part, it will not be wrong. Because this is the location that will be the meeting point between the Earth and the Moon. It has been developed by NASA, European, Japanese, and Canadian space agencies for 15 years.


It will also be launched next year with four astronauts, or a little earlier. After that, the Lunar Gateway will orbit the Moon permanently for years, staying there so that spacecraft from Earth can connect with it and astronauts from the Orion shuttle can transfer inside it. From where they will land on the moon and return here at the appointed time. That is, it will be a deep universal space station similar to the International Space Station. These four astronauts will orbit the moon so that they will at one point be about 6,400 miles, the far side of the moon.


What If Missions Space Artemis 2 succeed ?

If this Missions Space like Artemis II, is successful, it will be the farthest journey to Earth by any human in a Missions Space . Because none of the NASA Apollo missions of the sixties and seventies ever got that far from Earth. That is, NO human being has ever traveled as far in human history as these four astronauts will.

  • The Human who travel the Farthest away from Earth?
  • The Man Who Write daughter name on Moon?

The Last human who was Farthest away from earth was the commander of Apollo Seventeen Cernan, who landed on the moon and also wrote the name of his daughter Tracy initials TRD on the sand of the moon but he forgot to take a picture of this writing.


Why Human not cross 4000km above from Earth in last Fifty years?

This is December Nineteenth Century Two, and in the fifty-fifty-one years since then, not one other person has been to the Moon or in lunar orbit. Rather, the last of the three orbits around the Earth, the three orbits we loosely define, the third circle, called ” High Earth orbit,” and beyond that, thehighly elliptical orbit”, have not had a human Missions Space for fifty years. Although this is the orbit that starts at an altitude of only 4000 km above the earth.

Our communication satellites are in this orbit and our navigation systems are also working in this orbit. That is, the high-Earth orbit systems have a very important role in the brilliance of our smartphones and the Internet. From here, man is doing permanent dealer, but no man has gone here for fifty years, only machines go. Well, it means that after fifty years, the human Missions Space to go to the moon is a very big and different thing.


Four Reason that No Human have Sent to Space in last fifty Year or Half Century?


The curious minds of many friends, the question must be taking turns that in the intervening fifty years, half a century, why no human Missions Space was sent to the moon. If not on the moon, would you send it to high earth orbit? Any send into deep space? Why was it not sent? In particular, the lack of a Missions Space to the moon again allowed many gullible friends to say that NASA had actually pretended that Neil Armstrong had landed on the moon. Actually, no one has ever been to the moon.

They used to say that if a man can go to the moon once, why not again? Why hasn’t NASA sent anyone to the moon since Seventy-Two? Friends, we put the answer before you for your curiosity about why NASA did not send any mission to the moon after Apollo Seventeen.

  • COST.
  • Public Interest.
  • Saving Human lives.
  • Paving the way for new Missions Space.





The cost of the Apollo mission Space was huge. Six Apollo missions space landed twelve astronauts on the moon, walked, all at a cost to NASA of nearly twenty-five and a half billion dollars. Twenty-five point four billion dollars is equivalent to that time. But if adjusted to modern standards, these seventeen Missions in Space over two decades cost the United States one hundred and fifty-two billion dollars, one fifty-two billion dollars. How big is this amount? You can imagine that the budget of Pakistan in 2012 was 44 billion dollars, 44 billion dollars including loans. That’s why twenty-five billion dollars started knocking the American Congress.



Public Interest 

Because ordinary Americans and the media around the world had no interest in the moon landing. It had become normal for them. Where is the excitement of the Apollo landings in 1969 when millions of people were not off the streets? The reception of Striates coming and going was not stopping. And where is the news about the return of the Apollo Seventeen Missions Space now? The New York Times also printed a three-column news story on the thirtieth page. Whereas the first time the Apollo 11 Missions Space came back, it was the only news on the front pages with special editions on many pages. So, due to the lack of public interest, Congressmen were also unwilling to give NASA more budget for the Missions Space to the Moon.



In the seventies, America was going through an economic downturn. Inflation was quite high because the US had been hit hard in Vietnam. The economy was failing. And why not, after all, the Vietnam War was a very expensive war, my friends. One sixty-eight billion dollars at that time, a hundred- and sixty-eight-billion-dollar war. That amounts to more than one point one trillion dollars today. So, this war had crippled the American economy. After the first fifty-two billion dollars were given in the name of the moon, Congress was not even ready to hear the name of the moon from the mouth of NASA. So, NASA started asking for funds for Missions Space beyond the Moon instead of taking the budget.





  • The Missions Space which helped to see Volcanoes on Jupiter and Moon?
  • The Missions Space which helped to see Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus Moon?
  • The Pale blue dot?
  • The Reasons for Apollo Thirteen Movie?



               A Viking Missions Space to Mars was planned and budgeted for. Which was launched in Nineteen Seventy-Six. Then the famous Voyager 1 and 2 was launched after the Moon Missions Space were discontinued. Those missions have gone outside of our solar system while being close to all the planets. Through these two Missions Space we discovered active volcanoes on Jupiter's Moon "Io", sites of living volcanoes. The same Missions Space then discovered new moons around Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Previously unknown or inaccurate, the most famous image from this Missions Space is 

"Pale Blue Dot" of the Solar System, the Pale Blue DOT of Earth visible from the far end of the Solar System. In the same picture, the famous scientist and philosopher Carl Sagan wrote a book with the same name, Pale Blue Dot. So, these were the Missions Space that was made possible because the funds from the Apollo Missions Space were transferred here.



Life of Astronauts was in danger

It should also be remembered that their concerns about sending humans to the moon, i.e., sending them out of lower earth orbit, were also increasing Danger. Because Missions Space Apollo Thirteen was destroyed before Apollo Seventeen. It was disabled but its astronauts returned to Earth with a barely heroic act of survival. It was a failed Missions Space and was the first to call for the cancellation of the Apollo Missions Space.

A very good movie “Apollo Thirteen has been made on this failed mission and the unparalleled bravery of the astronauts and the return journey to save the human beings. Must see, but sensational interesting, and true books have also been published on him with the titles of Apollo Thirteen and Lost Moon. On which it is written, how did they survive well, The Cost was too large, the public interest was lost, paving the way for new Missions Space and saving human lives were the four main reasons, These rationales led to the Apollo Missions Space. Had to close


Missions Space Artemis 3 Final plan


If all four astronauts return successfully from Missions Space Artemis 2, all systems are working properly, and all these checks are done in the meantime, Then the next step will be Artemis 3 This will be the final point at which the astronauts will step onto the lunar surface of the south pole of the Moon Well, it will be in Missions Space Artemis 3.


Why NASA name Missions Space APOLLO?

But friends also tell you another interesting thing, why did NASA and space agencies name this grand Missions Space moon landing project in history Apollo? Apollo is a Greek god, the name of a Greek god. One of the Gods A god that has nothing to do with the moon? Rather, it is associated with the SUN. It was actually named after the most famous giant garland associated with Apollo. Legend has it that Apollo comes from the east carrying the sunlight daily on his chariot.

By evening he reaches the west and rests. The next morning, he again emerges from under the earth on his chariot from the east and moves towards the west giving light to the world. So, for this illuminating feature, NASA engineer Ebb Silverstein, who was IN charge of the new operations, says he named the Moon missions "Apollo."

Now remember that when this Missions Space was launched, going to the moon and back was such a big missions Space that it was not possible without immense knowledge and money(learn where to invest).

So, this name was given in which it was intended to give light and knowledge to the world. It was said, and during the Cold War ERA, it was good for them to say that instead of saying that it was the Moon Race, they said that we wanted to give the world the light of knowledge.




Why Artemis Two Not Named as Apollo Eighteen?

The question was born that when the man is going to the moon for the seventh time after 50 years, the name of this new Missions Space would be Apollo? Why was he named Artemis? So, If you look at Greek mythology, the name Artemis is more suited for Missions Space to the moon. Because in Greek mythology, Artemis is called

Moon Goddess



It is associated with hunting, virginity, and wildness. The girl holding a bow and arrow you see in giant pictures is the archer girl, the Greek Artemis goddess. In Greek mythology, it is the Twin sister of the god Apollo. Both are children of the Greek God, King of the Gods, Zeus. You must have read the stories of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as a child.



One of them was the Temple of Artemis. This Artemis Temple used to be in the ancient city of “Ephesus” in our friend country Turkey. Its remnants are still present but in a highly deteriorated state. There are hardly any remnants of it surviving.





Why Artemis Temple Counted in Seven Ancient Wonders?


So, this Artemis Temple was counted among the Ancient Seven Wonders, Ancient Seven Wonders because it was a very big, great temple, it was very Granger. At the time when it was built, that is, in the Sixth Century BCE, twenty-six hundred years ago, there were so many grand buildings built at that time?

That is, it is six centuries before the Roman Empire. So, it was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World for being such an old and grand building. Well, in the name of the same Artemis Moon Goddess, this new Missions Space is being sent to the moon fifty years after the Missions Space Apollo.




Why NASA named Missions Space Greek or Roman Mythology?

 Have you ever wondered, Why NASA names many of its Missions Space after Greek or very little Roman mythology? Are NASA scientists conservative? Do they believe in gods and goddesses? No, not at all. In fact, It is a way in which scientists connect the scientific advances of today with the minds of thousands of years ago. That the man of thousands of years ago who did not have a telescope and could not know the reality of the heavenly bodies through any other means, used to make up stories. To satisfy Their curiosity, they used to associate clusters of constellations of planets and stars with the names of some gods and goddesses.

But now it is like today’s human is traveling to these space bodies, stepping on them. So, by naming new Missions in Space after millennia-old mythologies, NASA creates a link between today’s humans and the curious humans of thousands of years ago. For example, today you see and hear the stories of Artemis One, Two, and Three going to the moon, and together we tell you the ancient stories that centuries ago, people watched from their imaginations while sitting around the campfire It’s beautiful. The Question arises



Why Apollo Called Sun God?

Why Artemis Called the Moon Goddess?

Rather, let me tell you the story in which Apollo was the god and Artemis was the goddess. Both are twin siblings in this mythology. It’s not true at all, but it has thousands of years of curiosity. It is said that Artemis and Apollo were great hunters. Both were passing through a big city with a dense forest. They saw a huge python, a dragon coming out of the forest and destroying the settlements. It was almost like he would have destroyed the entire forest and the village, so both of them had to do something in a hurry. After all, he was the god of the story before Apollo the god used his hunting prowess. He shot an arrow very high toward the Sun and said,

O Sun, my arrow hit its mark.”

After some time, the arrow descended and struck the snake perfectly. However, Python survived. Instead, he grew even angrier. He started razing the settlements and the forest. So now his twin sister In a rush, Artemis fired an arrow and requested the moon to direct it towards the proper mark. The arrow flew in the direction of the moon before turning and striking the python square in the head. Python died in moments. Since then, Apollo has been called the Sun God and Artemis the Moon Goddess in Greek mythology. Friends, these names and stories are very old but the story of our curiosity is incomplete without them. Many of these stories, which have been widely believed, have taken the form of religions. But reason and scientific research never closed the door of human development.



Why Astronauts jump on the surface of Moon? 

Why AXIOM design new Space Suit in Black?

    Can you explain why astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, etc. of the Missions Space of Apollo used to walk on the moon? They are My Curious Fellows because it was very difficult to walk in these space suits. On reaching the moon, Neil Armstrong realized that it was better to jump forward than to strain his knees and shoulders by walking in a normal style. Then also the flexibility of the spacesuits of the Missions Space Apollo There was very little. No consideration was given to bowed down.

    That’s why AXIOM Space, which has been making spacesuits for NASA for years, has designed this black spacesuit instead of white, with new technology. The space suit was launched in March 2013 and a model wore it to show off its features. Fingers may also move separately and scouts may also be involved. That is, it can be bent. So, because of this suit, you will see that now when the astronauts land on the moon, they will not be jumping, but walking. Because these spacesuits have full flexibility and room for the shoulders, elbows, and wrists to turn.

    That’s why it looks a little weird to you, but for those who will wear it, this previous Apollo space. The suit will provide a lot of comfort. Then these new space suits have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, i.e., extreme cold and heat. The previous suit saved the Artemis One companion, which left in November last year.



    These four astronauts will go to the Moon in November next year. That will be Missions Space Artemis Two. The last Missions Space to the Moon to Mars will be Artemis Three which has been decided by Nasa Up till Now. Its story. I will also give you all information when the time comes—-.

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