Courses for ethical hacking & what required for certificate in ethical hacking.

Courses for ethical hacking & what required for certificate in ethical hacking.

Hacking is of two kinds first is Ethical hacking other is unethical hacking today we will discuss

Ethical hacking how to learn it
Free Courses for Ethical Hacking.


What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking from the name you can guess is the type of hacking that is legalized and regulated so an ethical hacker can attempt to hack other systems without facing any laws or regulations issues.


Limitations of Ethical Hacking?

An ethical hacker can only get into a system to see what are the vulnerabilities in the System and afterward inform the owner to update their security the owner can give anything as a reward and some don’t give.

Large organizations like Microsoft have assured everyone to reward them in terms of money if they find any security issues and informed them that is mostly for bounty hunters which is a type of ethical hacker.

If an ethical Hacker exploits another person’s system, that hacking would be unethical hacking because it causes trouble to that person. But can also cause trouble to hackers if He/She gets identified.


Courses for ethical hacking Free+Paid

Most people asked

How to Become an Ethical Hacking?

so there are courses on the internet that can lead you to a certificate in ethical hacking

Just make sure not to get into the trap of influencers because some of the influencer courses are fishy they are not focused on course content they are focused on course contestants’ quantity.


LinkedIn Learning

  Ethical Hacking Course

So in Linked In learning, There are about 18 resources for learning on the Lynda learning path. Newbies and intermediate pupils might gain a lot from this educational program. The training program covers the fundamentals of ethical hacking, also including Topics like vulnerability analysis, network scanning, and penetration testing.

You can start a free 1-month trial and you will also be given tools for practicing with the Certificate in Ethical Hacking (312-50) test preparation.

LEVEL – Beginner.

PAID – 1st-month free trial.




Where to get courses for ethical hacking for free?

Many people ask where to get the free course to learn about hacking So I majority first recommend them to find it on YouTube because There are many courses on YouTube on ethical hacking which are giving a roadmap to a certificate in ethical hacking

Giving training for ethical hacking for free yes like paid you would not be given some extra protocols but the interested person would do this So, it’s the most recommended one because first, you Should have some basic information about the basics of Hacking because in this you have to learn various programming languages and other things also so you also learn all background from YouTube for free

And for expertise join any course.

So before investing, try to understand ethical hacking basic because So if you don’t like the this feild afterward you would be in no loss.



Cybersecurity For Managers: A play Book

It’s a complete course in cyber security which is not for the beginner So, every employee in IT can join this course which means the needed experience is not too much first of all now this course Is $2950 which would computer in 6 weeks with 6 to 8 Hours study per week.

This course’s major focus is Cyber Security which covers ethical hacking and has different formats for learning like assignment quizzes, tests, interactive videos, and other technical help the major thing is they will give you a course completion certificate from the famous MIT Sloan School Management which can also be used in resume.

FACILITIES – All assignment quizzes and tool interactive videos.

LEVEL – Intermediate.

PAID – Yes.




Penetrating testing & ethical hacking

People who want to learn about ethical hacking and penetration testing should take this course. This course explains the fundamentals of ethical hacking and penetration testing, especially ways to spot weaknesses in the network and exploit weaknesses.

So this is the best course for those who want to become ethical hackers course is divided into 13 modules and will be instructed by Ken Underhill

FACILITIES – All assignment quizzes and tool interactive videos.

LEVEL – Intermediate.

PAID – Yes.


Canvas network




These all are big names any beginner also knows about these courses and organizations and these are also used to give financial aid to students if you are worried about where to apply for the free course on ethical hacking so


The thing required for a certificate in ethical hacking?

How to become Ethical Hacking?


1. Programming language

To become an ethical hacker, you should have a grip on programming languages which are in trend nowadays Python and Java, and learn C++ to learn the basics of programming even if you are not interested in ethical hacking or any certificate.


What is the Importance of Python?

You must have a grip on Python Language because it has a large amount of scope you can do freelancing like web scrapping with the help of Python language you just have to be consistent.

The main importance is if you learn Python so you have many skills to offer.

For hacking most people use a Linux Interface the famous one is Kali Linux so we also have to focus on Kali Linux, especially for ethical Hacking because Kali Linux supports primary hacking tools.



2. Network basics

To clear the ethical hacking certificate exam, you need to know about the network like network protocols, DNS, How data is sent by using TCP/Ip protocols  Switches, and the model of how virtual connection works. What is subnetting?

For example

Most of the hackers infiltrate by using other internet connections So how does that person break all securities so if you know about networks and how network securities can be used in a hacker’s favor you must learn about networks.



3. Stay up-to-date:

Technology is not ideal

For example, if you are compromising the surfing speed of your website. So website security would be better means somehow you have to compromise on any one option to get results from other options so just look for what can be the vulnerabilities if security increases or vice versa.

So just keep looking for the weak point this all comes with practice and these vulnerabilities are changing with the change in time so you must stay up to date about every latest security.



4. Certificate in ethical hacking

To declare yourself as an ethical hacker you must have a certificate and for each certificate, Exams are required In exams, they test your hacking abilities and familiarity with hacking tools, and networking.



What certificates are required for ethical hacking
What are the ethical hacking certification levels?

Many levels can be complex so in simple for ethical hacking.

Level 1 – Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Level 2– Professional in Certified Information Systems Security (CISSP).

Level 3- Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).


You can get a certificate in ethical hacking by preparing for the test by enrolling in any course in ethical hacking We have discussed the free+paid course on ethical hacking so be consistent and persistent in it.


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