List of Countries places for a vacation & relax inn to experience true freedom

List of Countries places for a vacation & relax inn to experience true freedom


Most people wanted to

relax when stressed

but the countries in which they are living in the system in which their country somehow would give them some tension (politics, taxes, inflation &crime) and you would feel anxious it’s a kind of matrix.

So, to opt that we have mentioned countries and places for a vacation and relax inn to get rid of these worries and to feel real freedom from the stress to enjoy life.


The first country which has the best places for a vacation and the best relaxation inn is Mexico you have a bunch of many different areas many different places you have big cities you have beaches you have mountains you have very cultural heritage and old historical towns in Mexico.

remember only the best place for a vacation and relax inn.

it’s not a place for your finances So, opening a company to have your tax residency or anything like that on a financial level in Mexico doesn’t make sense.

Spending time relaxing and vacationing every year is better

In Mexico, a lot of Canadians and a lot of Americans spend more than six months nine months a year and have their finances in Dubai, UAE.

Places for vacation in Mexico

Mexico has beautiful beaches and a lot of nature in Mexico and a lot of relax inn Which offers a lot for anyone. 


The best place if you want to spend time with people that speak

English like Americans Canadians you must go to Cancun.

Beaches & other places :

You can go to other places on the beach if you want to spend time with local Mexicans you can go to smaller towns or Mexico City or Guadalajara.

Best relax inn in Mexico 

These are the best relax inn until now.

Some precautions to travel.

How to travel safely in Mexico?

You need to be very careful there are some safety concerns in Mexico and I will not say that Mexico is a safe country or a place where you shouldn’t watch your back Mexico as a lot of people mentioned.

  • So, traveling safely in Mexico is best if you have private security.
  • You must have people take care of you.
  • Spent Time means not being alone in Mexico.
  • If go into a town that you don’t know always go with somebody local.
with these security threats, how are we going to relax when stressed

here are some points

You do need to take these precautions Mexico is not a safe country but to spend time in a place with beautiful weather where the government is not going to restrict you in any way they didn’t even ask during the pandemic for any papers or any documents when Canada and the US were going crazy for documentation for restrictions on people are moving down to Mexico.

How do taxes work in Mexico?

Mexico the government doesn’t even care about your taxes even if you become a tax resident of Mexico even though

We don’t recommend going to Mexico and evading their taxes illegally which most people do but in Mexico, they would not give you any hassle for not paying taxes.

  • You won’t be Chased by the government for taxes.
  • They would never close your bank account.

How to become a temporary resident in Mexico?

There are a lot of routes to becoming a temporary resident by just showing some income.

How to become a permanent resident in Mexico? 

Becoming a permanent resident in Mexico is very easy

It takes a couple of days or maybe two weeks to get permanent residency with an investment or you can get citizenship.

After a couple of years of living in the country, some people have even put their children in private schools in Mexico and they see that the education system in Mexico is amazing which is.




What are the places for a vacation and relax inn

Dubai is the financial capital of the world and it’s going to continue to grow a lot of people have a lot of criticisms they say that it’s a dictatorship that people can always kick you out at any point they can arrest you for any reason, to be honest, Dubai is one of the freest places in the world

Places for vacation in Dubai?

Dubai desert safari

If you are a car rider or any kind of rider, visit Dubai desert safari where you can ride a quad bike or camel and it’s not too costly.

Dubai Burj Khalifa

It’s well-known to everybody but by going there you can have many more different experiences like a yacht tour with a break and BBQ.

most of the place for a vacation are known to the people but if you are still searching so these are the basics which you must have to experience


Places for relax inn dubai?

Some places for relax inn in Dubai are.

How taxes work in dubai?

How do I escape the matrix?

So, in Dubai you can do anything you want with your business there is no tax if you structure it properly you can do anything you want in cash you can do anything you want with growing your business with your investments there are no restrictions, they’re not going to restrict you in your life at all if you want to buy a house with crypto you want to buy a car with crypto with cash they don’t care.

Why Dubai for Vacations?

The government is led by one person it is a royal family but when it comes to foreigners, they know that they need foreigners, and Dubai needs investors they need an inflow of money from other countries.

So, they don’t touch you as long as you don’t break the laws, which makes Dubai a secure and safest country in the world and also has many world tourist spots and has world expensive & luxurious relax inns.

And you don’t have to worry about this paper that paper and taxes as long as you follow the customs of Dubai and the Muslim religion, I’m not asking you to become Muslim you just need to respect the religion which is the basic rule in every country and you’ll be happy in Dubai.

You can also pay zero taxes and have a residence in Dubai it’s like a fastpark and relax to spend a vacation in Dubai.


Thailand also offers a lot of visas and a lot of residency permits that can get you specifically, the Thai Elite Visa a lot of people have gotten the Thai Elite visa

Remember only the best place for a vacation and relax inn.

Best places for vacation in Thailand


If you want to live in a giant City with a lot of people

A lot of choices you have in Thailand if you are a good observer and like to observe different people’s nature and lifestyle way of thinking so visit Bangkok because of its diversity of people.


Koh Samui:

The best place in Thailand to relax when stressed is Koh Samui It has beautiful island-like islands like Ko Phi Phi it’s an amazing country.

The thing not to do in Thailand?

what is a territorial Tax System?

So, to keep your finances your company your Banks anything like that and Thailand has a territorial tax system which means any money that you are making outside of Thailand you do not have to pay taxes on that money to Thailand.

If a lot of money is coming in or you’re spending a lot of money in relax inn or anywhere you won’t become a tax resident if the money’s not coming from Thailand or if you don’t have a business or a job in Thailand which is not recommended to you keep everything outside of Thai bank accounts you use.

Thailand is very famous among Australians, and New Zealanders people this part of the world A lot of Europeans and Americans want that Southeast Asia Vibe they want accessibility to Singapore or accessibility to other countries here in Asia definitely a country that you should consider very easily to immigrate to very friendly people depending on what place you go to and also very different Lifestyles.



The last country is Portugal which has an excellent place for vacation even though Portugal is a part of the European Union and still offers First Freedom Portugal is very popular for most Europeans to go Portugal to spend vacations

Places for vacation in Portugal

Algarve region:

It is the recommended place for you to spend a vacation in the south in The Algarve region which is beautiful.


Lisbon is also the best place for spending vacations for those who are interested in art monuments and history So, in Lisbon a lot of people like this historical City Vibe most people want to be close to anywhere else in Europe so it’s best for them as well.

best relax inn in Portugal?

The list of best relax inn in portugal are
  • Vilalara Thalassa resort.
  • Belmar Spa & Beach Resort.
  • Six senses Douro Valley.

Limitation in Portugal

with time Portugal is getting more restricted as time passes, they’re trying to get rid of the golden Visa they’re trying to add taxes on crypto they’re trying to increase their taxes

They do have great visas that you can use to move to Portugal specifically a new Visa that does not lead to permanent residency or citizenship and if you just want to spend some time in Portugal you can just show some income every single month and get that Portugal visa and then spend time in Portugal every summer.

It’s very disappointing that Portugal is attempting to get away from the Portugal Golden Visa; they’re being persuaded and pressured by other nations of the European Union, but I believe it’s still in place and you should consider if you want to have multiple bases around the world Portugal offers that better climate as well if you come


Want to enjoy a more beautiful sunset?

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