Top Hidden Cost of Pet

Top Hidden Cost of Pet


By owning a pet you will not feel alone anymore but I also don’t see your bank account filling I know I am harsh on cute pets, but here we are discussing facts.


Many People Were Asking

How to pet a Monkey? (why this?)

How to find the cost of pet?

How to pet dogs?

and many more so I decided to cover that topic to start I have to tell first what are costs of Owning a pet which is not visible to new people so that would help my audience to make their Decision properly



Pet Population:

How many people own pets in India?

Currently, 60 percent of people in the World own pets of which dogs are the most common is there 34 pets Owner has a dog compared to 20 percent have a cat Birds rank third with around 14 percent owners followed by goldfish with 10 percent owners although at the same time.


What is the abandoned number of pet percentage Worldwide?
What is the abandoned number of pet percentage in India?

Abandonment Numbers are higher in India where 50 percent of pet owners have stated that they have



Why do people leave their pets?


Abandoned a pet compared to only 28 percent globally the major reason for this abandonment is that although a pet can be extremely cute their upkeep isn’t as cut as money


Cost of Pet

Are you one of those people who have always wanted a pet do you keep scrolling through Facebook and your feed is full of cute pets like puppies and cats well Read till the end of this article even with small attention as a breakdown in detail how much of it cost you



What are the expenses of owning a pet?


So, you don’t want to be one of those people who abandoned their pet

What is the cost of owning a Dog?

about this good boy, a golden retriever which happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds in India the price of a golden retriever puppy can range anywhere between 15,000INR means $182 to 30,000 INR means $365 depending upon the bloodline the location the breeder Etc where you used to

live like in Mumbai City it costs around 25 000 INR means $304 and as soon as you get this expensive puppy you have to get it registered Like In Most states they will find you. In case registration can cost you anywhere between 500INR to 1000INR means $6 to $12 but you will have to RENEW it yearly some states can also fine you to 60dollar on the spot in case your dog isn’t registered seriously I mean the Pet hasn’t even stepped in my house yet has already started to empty my pockets

The cost Not ended yet



What is the cost of owning a cat?


if you’re a cat person firstly Persian cats cost around 18,000INR means $219 you’ll say that pets usually cost about only 20 to 25k means $250 – $300

you would be like Why are you crying about such an amount but wait and there are so many hidden costs that most of us don’t consider over some time other

Expenses such as:


Overall cost and to reduce the cost a little bit why not consider adopting most importantly you’ll be helping a pet in need and can also be cheaper upfront


How to find the cost of pet?

 To find the cost of pet let’s just understand the cost of owning a pet can be put into two broad categories.

One-time Expenses:


These are usually incurred when you first get the pet For example a crate or a bed for your pet

know you love this cat with all your heart but you’ll not be letting it on your bed because of the Allergies and hair fall.

Recurring Expenses

What are pet monthly expenses?


Recurring expenses from the name you can suggest are monthly expenses such as food and grooming firstly you would need a crate or a bed for your pet

On the other hand, it would be a great help if you have naughty pets, especially dogs when you leave them alone at home secondly, you’re going to encounter annoying guests who are scared of dogs So a cage is required to help to restrain your dog at that time.



Crate Cost of pet :


What is the cost of a dog crate?

What is the cost of a cat crate?


The cost of a dog crate depends on the size of your dog around 100 to 200 dollars you can also get a crate for your cat for just 50 to 60 dollars because who doesn’t care about this small cause I have Sustainable wealth



Training Cost of Pet:

Best training time for puppies?

We are just getting started if you want your pet to be on their best behavior you must get them trained the ideal is to begin training for dogs is when they’re around seven to eight weeks old it’s best to hire a dog

trainer to help train your pet coming to the cost related to training your puppy a good training school will charge you around 150 to 4000 dollars depending upon you which training you selected training such as.

  • Obedience basic.
  • tricks toilet.

toilet trick Training is super super important to trust me



Cost of protection Training Dog k9?


If you are covered and want a protective dog well the protection comes at a cost for sure K9 protection training course is anywhere between 35 000 dollars.



Cost of pet food:


Six Month Supplements

what is a pet cat six-month supplement cost?

Every puppy and kitten will require supplements until they are at least six months old for puppies this would be approximately 700 dollars for the first six months when these pubs grow up neutering your pet can benefit them.



Cost of Neutering

What is cat neutering cost?

What is dog neutering Cost?

Neutering your pet can cost you anywhere between 50 to 500 dollars it also depends on which type of place you have visited.:



Recurring expenses:


How much does it cost After owning a pet?

Recurring expenses are a big pain in your wallet so what we just talked about were one-time expenses now comes the even worse part before you get into understanding the recurring expenses here is a


When you own a pet make sure to increase the emergency funds you need to save at least Six times your pet’s monthly expenses so that you don’t run into a shortage of funds during an emergency.


Food cost of Dog:

The most prominent recurring cost is of course food how much will it cost for food this depends on the size of your dog and what are golden retriever expenses. Golden retrievers are the most common breed and are energetic dogs and need at least 1300 to 1700 kcal per day which translates to around 15kg of pedigree a month which costs around $30 – $75 so, $600 per annum/ yearly.



What is apart from the food you’ll also need treats for your dog usually treats are used while training to praise the right actions by the dog can also help distract your dog will also eat your food because trust me, they want everything you eat although it isn’t good for them and treats can cost you around $250 -$700 per year.



Cost of Persian cat food?


Just on food in the case of a Persian cat which weighs around 4 kilos you need around 50 grams of food a day so for that little monster food expense for a year is like $400.



In your pocket are vaccinations and vet visits both dogs and cats require vaccines every year which cost around $780 – $1440.




For yearly Vet Visits for dogs, the cost is between $200- $400, and for cats $90 -$200.


Cost of pet toys

What is the cost of dog toys?

What is the cost of Cats toys?


Talking about pet toys pets love toys too and they can destroy them pretty quickly out of excitement pet toys cost around $5 – $18 and you may need to buy one every two months So, calculate for a year and make sure to choose a hard toy because it lasts longer.



Cost of dog walking leash and harness:

Dogs Need a lot of exercises because they have a lot of energy to burn hence you need to walk them regularly in case you don’t there will be a higher risk of obesity and heart attack walk your dog So you need a walking leash and harness this will cost you around $15 -$50 for a set you’ll have to buy a new one every three months so that’s around $160 a year



Cost of Pet Grooming

What is the cost of dog grooming?

What is the cost of cat grooming?


it usually causes the bomb in case you take your pet to a store like heads up for Tails for Dogs they are for grooming

  • Trimming Nails.
  • Bath.
  • Blow drying etc.

$40 -$74 is for Dog grooming and it has to be done once a month

for a Persian cat, it’s around $50- $80.



Cost of pet products

What is the cost of pet products?
What is the cost of Dogs product?


even if you don’t take your pet to a grooming store just shampoo for your pet will cost $10 for just a 500 mL bottle, not just shampoo pet products in general are higher in cost for example dog peanut butter cost $5- $250 per 1 kg on the other hand peanut butter for humans costs only $6 for 1 kg


Medical cost of pet


The medical cost of a dog?


Medical costs now I’ve been taking Digs at this good boy since the start but I do love him with all my heart more than my own family or partner sometimes and I would do anything to save him but why am I suddenly talking about love in a finance blog well most people do not consider this Factor when they decide to get a pet the Sky High medical and surgery cost to save your pet in case something goes wrong you see



Dogs are also prone to accidents like us one of the most common injuries is a ligament tear or a fracture in their knee and they may require surgery to cure it usually, surgery like this can COST around $1000 – $7000 easily experienced vets tend to charge even higher than this amount dogs sometimes also do some stupidity like swallowing a plastic bottle will require surgery to remove and can cost almost $1000.

Dogs are also prone to other illnesses and diseases as well as according to veterinarians 5 to 10 percent of dogs have heart disease and this increases with age.


Cost of pet test?

Cost of pet scan?


The chance can be even higher in case your pup has inbred the diagnosis cause scans and tests will cost around $20-$100 apart from this, the dog will require medication for the rest of its life in case of complications like this medication will cost 15 dollars every month and these costs are the same even for joint problems.


Cost of pet insurance?


It may make sense to get pet insurance to protect yourself from such unexpected circumstances most pet insurances cover surgery and hospitalization expenses and some also provide third-party cover for any damages caused by your pet the latter can be especially useful in case your pet bites somebody or destroys their property generally the sum is short for dog insurance ranges from $350 – $600 to and the premiums are usually around three to five percent of that sum insured even though all these stats are sad these are true and it does add to your expenses and destroys our financial planning




Miscellaneous expenses:


Dogs love to chew, dirty laundry, and destroy furniture come to miscellaneous expenses speaking of destroying things your pet can destroy your house literally if you’re someone who spends a lot of money on furniture or amazing Interiors, you may have to reconsider getting a pet from chewing up your sofa and Furniture to scratching walls and doors your pet scan cost you a bomb in repairs apart from this get ready for a lot of cleaning because they bring dirt in from outside and dirty your mats floors Etc don’t forget about the poop cleaning phase especially when they are small even well-behaved pets can sometimes cause damage unintentionally,

For example, Leading claw marks on doors or breaking a window while playing with a toy so all that furniture replacement would be an extra cost I am not going to count this cost because it is so expensive.



Cost of dog boarding

What are dog boarding Costs?


Unprepared for dog boarding cost when you travel out of the station with your neighbors or navies it usually costs around $5 per day for accommodation and $ 5 per day for food that’s total of around $50 a year in case you go on a five-day trip maybe some of you can consider this as a side Hustle.




I also love pets don’t think of me telling you all the negative Phases of Pets. I am just trying to help those people who don’t have any idea and own pets afterward, They abandon their pets because of short of expense so before abandonment which would hurt the pet and you try to understand why I have given you all these circumstances and facts that can appear. Thanks


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