List of countries for living peacefully & Safe Countries to get resident permits

List of countries for living peacefully & Safe Countries to get resident permits

List of countries for living peacefully

The list of countries to live peacefully are stated as

  • Dubai.
  • European countries.
    • Serbia.
    • Croatia.
  • Russia.
  • Latin America.
    • Mexico, Colombia.
  • Thailand.

Which country is most multicultural?


The first one is Dubai which I would recommend you for living your life peacefully the reason is first it’s a bucket of Muslim countries obviously Muslim people do not accept anything of this PC(Political correctness) culture because their religion guides them.

Any culture that they do not accept is usually countries like the UAE Dubai will be absolutely intolerant to all these ideologies they are completely separating themselves from the United States from all these Western countries they are on their own Dubai is the most Multicultural place in the world and you will not see any racism you will not see any special treatment to any majorities you will not see anything in the education system that resembles that’s happening in the United States like racism and many other activities which not to mention is better.

The reason is that you would not see anyone in that kind of activity in Dubai everyone is living peacefully for their own values.


European countries


So now some European countries are also great places for you to live peacefully and then you have a very traditional country Serbia that maintains its Traditional Values that maintains a nice balance between the East and the West of the world they do not comply with whatever Europe or the United States are saying but they do maintain that friendship with them with a neutral balance don’t want to be too close with them.


It is as though they’re European they’re part of the Schengen area they’re leaning towards Europe.

Controversies in Croatia?

That ideology created a large amount of public protest in Croatia more

They play a cartoon recently of a doctor and a small boy and the doctor was telling the small boy that he should be a girl that he doesn’t feel right because he should be a girl and he should get surgery to be a girl and the outrage over Croatia is crazy they do not accept this in the West this is not normal now in Croatia and in these traditional countries they do not accept these ideologies they do not accept these procedures anything like that these countries typically are those with Traditional Values where masculinity is rewarded femininity is rewarded and kids are given their proper rights they’re not indoctrinated or groomed or anything like that.

So, Croatia is a place where you can live peacefully because people there get on the road and get united if they see any negative law that can impact them.



Is Russia safe in war?

Russia might be controversial because of Russia vs Ukraine country for many people but Russia is one of the most traditional countries that you will see in the world absolutely no PC (political correctness) and you will have that traditional life obviously not a place to live to have your banking your finances or anything like that but if you want an escape from the West and definitely,

A place that you should consider for just one week or two weeks you’ll have a new view of life because the states against Russia are using all their media power just to make a negative image of Russia to be clear (I am just defending their image and way of life, not the way of wars and policy of wars).and if you’re re going so go consider visiting Moscow.

Places to relax & countries


Latin America


Mexico, Colombia

It is also a very safe and peaceful place to live because it’s a very traditional country they want to be married they want to have a family they want to grow a beautiful family where kids are treated properly, they’re not following what the US is following and you see in many of these countries,

Latin American relationship with the united states?

Why Canadian are moving to Mexico?

So latin america disconnecting its ties with the United States they’re

Cutting their ties with the West The reason that Latin America ended the relationship with the United States is that they’re creating their unions creating their own Partners around the world they wanted their policies, and they don’t want to be part of this PC(political correctness).

Culture of this whole Western mentality and you see that all of our Latin America even though it’s solely creeping into society you are seeing it in Latin America just because it’s so close to the United States and a lot of U.S influence coming into Latin America but you’ve seen a lot of Americans a lot of

Canadians moving down to Mexico to escape this Western mentality.

Advantages of living in Latin America

  • A traditional lifestyle.
  • Soft and traditional women.
  • Corrupt free civilization.



Last on the list would be Thailand to live peacefully because it’s very difficult to violate the human rights in Thailand It is a very interesting case

because it provides a different point of

view to live in Thailand peacefully.

Transgender movement in Thailand?

in Thailand transgenderism is extremely popular it’s considered the third sex so there are

  • male
  • female
  • and transgenders

consider whole other sex there’s sort of revered in Thailand as a sort of pride to become transgender but they put an effort into it when a man becomes a woman let’s say or they call them in Thailand they put the effort they look like women they behave as women act like women they actually put an effort to be a woman even though whatever you want to think of this they do this to show a soft side.

I have my own opinions and you have yours so let us know in the comments. Now you would comment that the West also has the same but the Western government does politics on it and the West carries it as an agenda to force on people but in Thailand, it’s a kind of tradition.

How government control racism or woke culture?

How to Escape Woke Culture?

Every year the culture of mob ideologies (manipulative ideas and beliefs) penetrates deeper into society and the West specifically in the United States Canada Europe Australia all these countries we’ve been seeing nowadays kids getting invested themselves in these ideologies this culture we’ve been seeing more and more.

how the governments want to push these ideologies they want to push this they want to push that and they want to keep forcing it into your face and mind through different Brands and companies through the culture through laws what are some countries that you can go around the world to absolutely Escape all others woke culture and live a traditional regular life.

How to remove politics from your life?

How did men want to feel?
How did women want to feel?

if you’re a man maybe you want to feel more masculine you want a society that rewards masculinity.

Women are rewarded masculinity in a society that functions without all of this PC (Political correctness) culture.

So, there are many countries around the world so there are many countries in the world by shifting to these countries and some of the countries’ names are also stated So that you can get out of that woke culture and can live peacefully.


In which countries you can get true freedom so kindly read this blog

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