Leave job reasons or quitting job reasons just Copy & Paste.

Leave job reasons or quitting job reasons just Copy & Paste.

Most of the questions people were asking were about which quitting job REASONS to give a recruiter that wouldn’t affect their image and career in the long term some people were also asking questions related to these like some tips about. 

  • What reason to give for resignation?

  • Quitting job email?

  • Quitting job reasons?

  • Quitting job due to injury?

  • Letter to quit a job?

  • How to resign from my job?

  • What reason to give for quitting?

First, you must know


What are active and passive candidates?

An active or a passive candidate because the scenarios are entirely different for those types of candidates now what’s the difference between a passive and an active job seeker Passive seeker.


Who are the passive seeker

A passive seeker is somebody that I as a recruiter reach out to you directly So recruiter contacted you for an opportunity they had no idea you even existed before in some cases maybe you go to a recruiter network and you find somebody that you know is in the industry as well respected and you reach out to them and say hey you’ve got this opportunity would you consider it.


Who are Active seekers?

The other side of the spectrum is somebody who’s an active seeker an active job seeker is somebody who’s actively finding a job whether it’s responding to a job ad that the company put out or reaching out to the company directly by himself. 

Conditions for Passive Seeker Quitting job 

Assume I am a recruiter and I am saying hey I’m interested in your Skills and there is an opportunity for you So, if you’re a Passive seeker means you weren’t actively looking for Job actively.

Quitting job reason


What to do when company REACHES out to you?

Whenever a company reaches out to you you’re gonna have a little bit more leeway as far as how to answer that question because essentially you weren’t really looking for an opportunity to begin with or at least you weren’t looking for that opportunity so leave job reason in the scenario of a passive job seeker it’s actually kind of okay to say.


What to ANSWER when Company reaches out to you?

What answer would be for quitting job reasons for that circumstance in that type of circumstances especially if it’s a tenured employee you would generally want to hear something that can be more beneficial for you.

Answer: (Copy & Paste):

“Even though I wasn’t actively seeking jobs at the time you reached out to me if you proceed with the interview process, I would appreciate knowing your objectives.”


Quitting  Job Reason


I wanted to leave my job

You’re in a situation at work where things aren’t really going so well the company is struggling and some financial difficulties are looming maybe it’s that you’re feeling blocked and you can’t move on to the next level or maybe it’s in a geographic region that you’ve been targeting and this presents an opportunity for you to move to that area all those reasons make sense.

Answer: (Copy & Paste):

Although I’m not actively seeking a job, I am receptive in acquiring knowledge about opportunities that may arise as I’m constantly striving for advancement in my profession. something presents itself as an interesting opportunity I’m open to hearing it out.”

So this recruiter would understand you needed a valid  Motivation behind and your recruiter would

not waste your time and would understand that you are not looking for money but looking for some opportunity and this would eventually result in more money. So when passive seekers would be given more money they would also start to think So other than just see if you can get a little bit more money then would suggest you re-evaluate why you’ve decided to talk to the recruiter.

otherwise, Recruiters start to wonder if you’re only motivated by a paycheck However, a reputable company is not going to lowball you on an offer for a similar type of position or even a potential upgrade in fact.

For example:

I once had a passive job seeker respond to me and set up an interview only to find out when we talked about compensation expectations, he was actually looking for a 200 percent increase to go to my location completely wasting my time in his there was really no point in him even setting up the initial interview.


besides top candidates are focused on the opportunity first and they know that the pay is going to follow (read it before writing a letter to quit the job).

Some tips for recruiters and candidates


Conditions For Active Seekers for Quitting Job Reasons 

The active seeker again is somebody who is actively searching for a job whether they’re responding

to that job advertisement or they’ve reached out Recruiter directly about an opportunity so the recruiter would definitely ask about the reasons for quitting the job reasons there are different conditions


Why leaving your current job?

In that case, you need to be more concise and clear about why you’re looking to leave your current job the onus is going to go on to you to have a more consistent answer

So after all you were the one actively pursuing the opportunity so let’s talk about quitting job reasons there

1- You’re bored with the job?

2- Company culture affecting you?


Things to avoid: 

It’s fine to speak but you need to be careful about your words if you want to come across as being neutral or neutral positive when possible what I mean by that is by saying something like quitting job reasons like You

  • Hate your current job?
  • You want to do something different?

That’s not necessarily going to be looked at very favorably by a hiring team.


Quitting job reason


Bored of the job

So for being bored if you say that you’re bored in your current position then the recruiter is going to look at you as being somebody that maybe is a little too passive (that you are just talking wild guess) and you didn’t want to go out and look for opportunities to enrich your role or get involved in a broader business sense so it actually could come back to hurt

What to answer if you are bored with the job

So giving an answer to the recruiter for that quitting job reasons for you getting bored at work.

Answer: (Copy & Paste)

“While my present job has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn x y and z  I’m now ready to move on to a more challenging role as i pursue my goal towards this or that type of role i feel like your company offers me a great opportunity to continue my career trajectory towards that goal”

just change x y z into your words.

Quitting job reasons


Having a bad boss or environment in the company

  • How do I explain leaving my job because of a bad boss?
  • Quitting a job because of a bad boss?
  • How to tell the interviewer about the toxic environment in the current company? 
  • Bad work culture in the company?

Companies like to hear stories about persevering in adversity and if you’re leaving just because of a bad boss or a poor company culture companies are going to look at it saying do you run away from challenges it’s not to say that those are bad

reasons for leaving a company because they’re very valid in fact most people leave companies because of a bad boss.


Reasons to Give for Quitting a Job Because of a Bad Boss

So in that Quitting job reasons, you need to be very careful about how you word that you don’t want to bad-mouth them. Never talk bad about your current job but just make sure that you’re coming across as neutral or even neutral positive. But you want to make sure that you don’t come across as being bitter or judging them for it so what’s an example of an answer that I would rather hear as a recruiter

Answer: (Copy & Paste):

 “My present company has given me an offer outstanding chance to further develop my abilities in challenging circumstances I’m interested to observe how various approaches to management function in elite companies like yours.

that is the way you’re not directly bad-mouthing your current company or your current boss but recruiters can read between the lines the key is to come across as gracious but also aware and you really want to apply learning opportunities and turn a negative into a positive.


Quitting job reason


The company not have a bright future:

Now if your company is really struggling economically or the industry that you’re in doesn’t have a bright future It’s a wise decision to leave your job what to write to the recruiter in joining the job email so that they understand the reason for your job without being in affected.


Reasons to give Company not having a bright future:

It’s acceptable to say something like, “Although I’ve experienced numerous things working with XYZ organisation, I’d really like to join an innovative, emerging organization in the XYZ industry as yours.”

copy and paste it for your job joining email or for your job interview just change your x y z to your company name.


We are focusing on? (Bonus)

We’re not focusing on. My job my company or my boss not performing well rather we’re focused on our future does that make sense that’s how I would answer those questions and try them out the next time, you’re in an interview see if it makes a difference.

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